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Sheri Forrest
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Ms. Forrest is a freelance writer, researcher and photojournalist, largely specializing in the equine industry. She is published regionally, nationally and abroad. Along with over 30 years of experience as a horse owner, breeder and competitor, her background is supplemented by twelve years in software development operations for e-commerce and government access systems - where she held positions responsible for market research and acquisition, business-to-business relations, print advertising and sales management. She has also worked for state agencies and private lobbyist organizations in technical and analytical writing positions. She holds a BS Degree in Business (Marketing) and a BA Degree in English (Expository Essay), with minor course work in Political Science.

Today, Ms. Forrest combines her propensity for research and writing with her passion for horses to produce insightful exposÚs highlighting individuals, current events and topics of specific interest to her clients and their readership. Her photography is often published in conjunction with her work. Ms. Forrest is also retained by businesses who sub-contract her services for providing text used in public relations media, documentation, reporting, advertising, marketing and Internet business operations.


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